Connecting Facebook Pixel and my Shopify store - Ad Account Disabled

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Hi there - has anyone had issues with FB restricting their Ad Account and/or Business Manager before you were even finished set-up? I am not a FB expert guru by far, and I have been in contact with them many many times, and have followed all their suggestions and recommendations, and I sent in a "Request for Review" thinking that would help, but instead they permanently disabled my Business Manager and I am not allowed to do Ads. I've never done an Ad before. And Permanently?? What could I have violated so horribly that it's not fixable? I asked, they won't tell me, it's proprietary to them. How am I supposed to fix that, if I don't know what to fix or where to begin. I figured I would just create a new page, and start over, but I don't want to make the same mistake twice, and get permanently disabled again. I have been reading all their policies to try to see if I can figure it out on my own, I've just about memorized them I think, but I still am not sure what I did. I am keeping my hopes up that someone at FB will shed some light other than telling me I didn't comply with their policies, but that has not happened yet. Has any one else encountered anything like that?? It's so frustrating and deflating. I have been researching on FB and Google for any help as well, and one thing I found was to just make a new Page and new Business Manager, which is easy enough to do. Thanks for any help, suggestions or options