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I have been a few months did not contact Shopify for support and it seems they are no phone number to call to get support anymore. I have a question that I couldn't find at the community forum or anywhere. So, what is the solution is if I didn't find my answer at the community forum and there is no phone number to call? There is no email for the contact form to fill either! I have a unique question and request. Any Help?




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Hi @raid


Thank you for reaching out to share your experience using our Help center. Our Support team is still here to help 24/7.

To get in touch with Shopify support:


  1. Go to
  2. Click Log in and enter your details.
  3. Enter a brief description of your question into the search bar.
  4. You’ll be provided with a curated list of Shopify resources related to your search. We have extensive help documentation designed to connect you with the information you need as quickly as possible. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our docs, click Get help from the Shopify support team.
  5. Choose the way you want to contact Shopify support from the available options.

TyW | Online Community Manager @ Shopify 
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I cannot contact the support either...


There is something wrong. I have been trying for a couple of days and the steps you wrote above does not work.


When I press contact support it just loops me back to the support page.



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I feel compelled to share that i'm extremely unimpressed with how difficult it is to access the "24/7 support". I've spent far to long looking for a way to make contact to try and find an answer to what should have been a 30 second question and answer which doesnt come up in the searches of the help info or previous conversations on these boards.

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I am new to Shopify and so far not happy with the support. There is no option to call, chat or email support. I searched articles and there is no answer or option to get support. 

Very frustrated and surprised at the low level of support on Shopify. 

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Yeah, I want to stop using their services as they dont seem interested in support what so ever. Just spent 45 minutes trying to find a way to contact these asshats.. such a round about way to contact them and then no phone? wow

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Hey guys!

I’m wondering why it now takes so long to receive any Shopify help.? Is any body else having issues with this?  I’m finding it very difficult to get in touch with anyone. When I do they say 3 working days they will email me but it’s now been 9days and no email. I’ve reached out daily with no response.
One thing I loved about Shopify initially was the prompt help you received. Being able to speak to someone and have Shopify assistance at your fingertips with no delays or waits.
It has changed dramatically from what I’m experiencing now and this makes me concerned with Shopify moving forward.

I’m never one to complain but when trying to run a business and not getting the support you need is truly disappointing. 
Open to suggestions or ideas on how to get in touch with a real person. ? Seriously thinking of closing my account.



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Shopify Contact Please....

Phone or Email will do - I'm in need of help and it's pretty damn stupid I'm going on forums to search how to contact the help I need!!!!!!!

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Hi! I really need to speak with support at Shopify. I don't have the time or energy to search your site for an answer. Is it possible to speak with someone from your team for support?