Contact Us Form Not Sending Email

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I have set Contact Us page with the template. I have a form that seems to function, at least to the user as you can fill it in and hit the Submit button (you get a 'successfully submitted' message on the screen).

However the email does not sent, I have tried several times. Also deleting and creating the page again.


All my settings seem to be correct, the Customer email properly set too.


Please someone help me! Thank you :)


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I have the same issue too.  I am unable to receive the emails from the contact us bar you see at the bottom of my page. 


I have already done the following -> Admin -> Settings -> General and ensure the email under store contact and customer email are correct. Please help

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Hi everyone,

Are your stores currently on a paid shopify plan? I've worked on a few stores that the 'subscribe' and 'contact-us' page came up with the same 404 error currently on

The problem solved itself once the store was out of development mode and onto a paid shopify plan.

Dan from GC Web Team | Shopify Partner
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Hi all,

The email contact is not working and I only found out because one of my customers was offended that I never returned their email. In addition the buying process did not work as well... It is embarrassing and you have to jump through hoops now for help with shopify. What happened to your awesome customer service?

Please help,


my page is

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I have this same problem. My contact form worked perfectly for years. Yes I have been a paid plan for all of those 4 years. No idea why it would stop. I have checked with my e-mail host and everything is working there otherwise. Please help

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I'm also in the same boat.


I've removed the contact us template but am worried that I've missed loads of customer enquiuries before I noticed the problem.

Does anyone know if there's any way to retrieve these lost emails?