Contact Us page template - how to add subject line dropdown?

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I see many outdated topics on this so I'm resuscitating this topic. I am really looking forward to a simple solution that would enable us to add a subject field to the Shopify Contact Us page template and populate it with a simple editable drop down. Currently all emails that come throught the contact us page have a generic subject line like this:

Subject: New customer message on October  5, 2017 at 08:44 AM

We do respond to customer emails and it would be much more streamlined to already have a subject that the customer is familiar with instead of generic log-style string above that makes no sense to the customer when they receive it in their mailbox. We can edit the subject before emailing back, but that's just one extra manual step. In addition it would be much easier to sort incoming emails by topic.

QUESTION: is there a solution or known code change that allows us to introduce custom subject field to the existing Shopify contact page template? If no, then why not? 



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Hi WhiteWater Web,

Can you please share the solution for this. We have a similar issue.



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Has anyone found a solution here for adding a custom subject line?

I know how to add it as a field to the form but how do I get it as the subject? There are a number of old and closed threads about this...with years worth of requests...has shopify added this feature?

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This is still an issue.

And such an oddly generic message.

In gmail you have to manually edit the subject line — which is easy to forget to do — so you don't look like a spammer.

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Surprised to find out this is such a difficult task! I grasp that there's no way to edit this through the theme.... but has anyone even found an app that allows for a subject line dropdown?

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We are looking at this as well. Looked through templates, languages, and code and did not find anything..

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This is a very old thread with no attention from the admins and a much needed feature to be improved upon.

Who wants to reply to "New customer message on MONTH  DAY, YEAR at TIME" — nobody.

You can edit the subject in Gmail if you use that email client, but it's easy to forget and totally inconvenient.


I asked Shopify over chat in Oct. 18, 2018 and this was the reply:

At the moment we still have no way to change the subject but this definitely is a great request.


Also, haha! I just realized I commented on this issue a while ago. I'm still wondering why.

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Also looking for this behavior...