Continue selling out of stock ONLY for select customers

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I have a scenario where we have a wholesale portal. I need it so that retail customers cannot continue to purchase one products are out of stock, but I also want wholesalers to be able to commit to purchase is when they are out of stock so that we can create individual PO’s for them in the back end.

The option for continuing to sell out of stock seems like all or nothing, words either all customers are affected or no customers are affected on a per product basis. 

I can hide a button the add to cart to specific customers I know that. But the issue is that everyone receives abandon carts and can ultimately have a pre-fill check out without pressing add to cart on the website, so this wouldn’t work.

I can also create duplicate listings, but this causes huge headaches and hassles with our current inventory management system on stitch.


The only real solution here is that if I can continue selling out of stock only for select customers, well also not allowing everyone else to make any out of stock purchases.


Does anyone know if it’s possible to do this, probably by API or any apps. Or Shopify offers any way to do this on the back end? Or if anything is it possible to get a developer to create an app to do this for us privately