Continuous problem - Beware issues with shopify risk team


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Ok, so i am part of Tai Lopez's Shopify program they've pre-built me 2 shopify stores. I got both of them they were really nice then i went to put my card info into shopify for the shopify plan for $29 month to start because i am just starting out. Immediately after i put my card info in my first store stopped working. So i went to shopify support told them what happened and i was told that they'll look at it and get back to me in 48-72 hours. So while i am waiting for help from shopify. I am asking for support and getting help from tai lopez's team on what they recommend. So i requested to get a new store thinking it was just the a store thing. So they built me another store cause of my problem. Again I got the store and put my card info into shopify for their monthly $29 basic plan, again immediately after entering everything and hitting confirm it my second store stopped working. Then i went to shopify support again for help. To get this store fixed and what the update it with the other one, also why does this keep happening. After being on with shopify guru's for 2 hours my second store that was made was immediately fixed and i was emailed by the risk team tell me that it was fixed and to verify myself with my id front and back and the card i am going to use, so i did that. While the first store still wasn't work. An i was fine with that because i was just happy to just have one store that is working. 

Now that i finally had my store working I was like awesome i can start selling and won't have anymore problems. Wrong! Then next day i login to my store and see i can't use shopify payments. So immediately i got to shopify support to see why i can't use shopify payments. They said risk team will email me and suggested to use third party provider. Then i get emailed by the same risk operations guy telling me that i can't use shopify payments because i labeled as a high risk for customer returns and disputes. So now I've been battling back and forth through emails of why can't i use shopify payments asking them to provide me proof or data that they have on my store, that tells me how i am a high risk. I haven't even opened my store yet or taken any customers through my store. So how can they make that decision with no customers or sales done through my store. You can't profile a store that hasn't opened or had any customers yet. Risk operations still have yet to tell me how they determine this or give me any proof or data that my store or stores are high risk which tells me they don't have any. An if the basic plan include being able to use shopify payments. I've read through the whole terms and conditions 3 times. Nothing on that store or the another one violates anything those terms. 

This whole experience trying to use shopify has been nothing but problems and as a new customer this is a terrible experience. Risk operations does not and has not helped. I've repeatedly ask what products is violating their terms so i can correct it. Telling me to read the term doesn't solve the problem. Helping the person and telling them we can't use this product would. An i know i can't be the only person with this problem. 

I've also finally got the first store back working an immediately the disable me from using shopify payments on that store as well. It's quite ridiculous that 2 stores that are made by a multi millionaire's company that are mine get shopify payments disabled by the same risk support guy. I've continued to fight and well continue to fight to have my shopify payments reactivated. This is unacceptable!

An shopify or others telling me to use the third party provider can stop. Because the part of the reason for using shopify payments so i don't have to go through all of that extra garbage. Screenshot (2).png

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