Conversion rates dropping recently

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Hi Guys..

We have been running a store for last 4 years and building really nicely -
Conversion rates have been really good , around 2.5 %

Recently , with no changes our end they have been dropping.. and yesterday was down around 1.5 , today at 1.2.. seems like the trend this month is going down.
We are still getting same amount of traffic.. seemingly same amount of add to carts , the a big drop in session converted.

Any ideas in where we should start looking and concentrating efforts to resolve..?



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Hey @greggy if nothing has changed on the site I would look into these areas:

1) Trends compared to last year at this time.

2) Source of the traffic. Some traffic converts better significantly than others. I use Google Analytics to analyze this.

3) Check conversion rate over time, rather than day by day. I personally prefer comparing month to month, but also week to week is good if the store is getting high volume traffic.

Good luck, I hope those rates get back up

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