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Hi everyone. 

I have had my online store for almost a month and a half now and I get tons of traffic. The problem is, even though I have 60+ people on my website everyday, no one is buying anything. Would anyone be able to give me some tips or look on my website to see whats missing.

thank you <3

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Trying not to sound rude but I think your store might need a little more work.

Now I'm no expert, but I can suggest looking into similar sites to be inspired by what they do.

Hope this helps! :)

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A little more work in what way?


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take a look of some revelant apps

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Hi @Brianna78,

I see that you've gained fair traffics for your store as a Shopify newbie. That's quite good, keep going. The prob is that you don't have many sales at all. There are various ways to boost sales for your store. I think one of the most preferred and optimized ones must be the help of supporting apps. But how to leverage it correctly? Hmmm, I think the answer might be that you should find out the application that suitable for your store.

To do that, it would be recommendable to do some analysis, think out of the box to figure out the app that works best for your retailer. I guarantee that before installing or purchasing any apps, the providers always promise to say something like drive crazy sales for your shop, but take advantage of it is not as easy as you may think. So as I mentioned, you better pay for something worthy.

Here I wanna my favorite 2 two, let's take a look: 

1. Sales Pop Master: used and trusted by 30,000 merchants on Shopify. Store's turnover comes with flying colors. Sales Pop Master or Sales Popup aims to solve the low conversion challenges by increasing add-to-cart and boosting trust for eCommerce websites with Sales Pop ups (Social Proof), Countdown Timers and Countdown Stock On Pop-ups (Best features of the app) and Coupon Code Wheel.

Moreover, it has launched its newest features:Quick View Mode For Urgency (Show sales popup when customers click the product name. One of the most outstanding features of Sales Pop Master as social proof.)

2. Upsell and Cross-sell Smart Tool: Offer a bunch of amazing features such as

Cross-sell and Upsell offers. Show popup after customers connect to or choose to check out the cart.

Suggest different products so that customers buy more items and grow the cart value.

Expand the cart value by stimulating customers to make other purchases.

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Hello @Brianna78 

Congratulations on your store page! I hope you are well and safe in these difficult times.

I saw a couple of things that could be made better on your store page, so I thought I'd share them with you. 

    1. There a few basic design and utility elements you should take care of - like, on your homepage, make the top navigation bar fixed - even if the person scrolls down they should be able to navigate to the rest of the pages without having to go to the top. 
    2. Your brand seems a personal one - each design and product has a unique personal touch to it. So add an About Us section and talk about yourself/team/philosophy or whatever drives you. This allows your shoppers to connect better. You should also make sure to add a contact us section and add it to the footer. That makes those sections easily accessible from anywhere. 
    3. Make sure you add some reviews or testimonials to the page. This helps build credibility and trust.
    4. I'd also recommend putting some of your social media posts (links to them) instead of a simple banner that says connect with us on social media. Very few users are likely to click on that to find out what your social media pages will look like. Give them a sneak peak from the store page.
    5. I think we could use a wishlist or an Add to Favourites button. This will allow you to send more targeted follow up emails to your shoppers and even notify them if you're running any offers or sales. 
    6. You could add some kind of urgency by adding stickers or labels to highlight things like sale/trending/free shipping. The Shopify app store is source of some really good apps that can add this kind of a focus to your store. I added one below which I thought might look good. What do you think? You can always look up more styles here.


Do let me know if this is useful for you.

Hope to hear from you soon! Till then, good luck and do stay safe!


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Hey @Brianna78

Right now I can only point out things I see, but it literally could be anything and it doesn't necessarily have to be with the design of your website.

In fact, I like your website. It has good products and lots of potential! I went through the purchase steps, without buying anything and it works well. However, there are several improvements.

First, I recommend changing the hero text to something that reflects your brand, as opposed to just "Shop Clothing". Second, you should enable reviews for your products in order to build trust and confidence with customers. Third, I like how you're taking your own custom photos for the products, but I would extend that to the descriptions. Some of the products have a very short description. This text can be a great opportunity to create more interest with customers and help them imagine using the product. Ultimately, everything boils down to creating more trust. 

My advice is to start tracking your data and then make the changes and see if it impacts your metrics. You need to look at it from different perspectives, not just conversion rate, but bounce rate, time on page, cart abandonment rate, and product detail view rate at the minimum to understand what can be improved. We could look at where the traffic comes from and why.

If you would like, I can provide a free analytics consultation which involves:

  • taking a deep dive into your data: look at where your traffic comes from, what they do on the site, why they might be dropping off
  • identifying metrics and areas that could cause issues
  • working together to see what we can improve to bring up that conversion rate
  • at the end of the day, you know your market the best, but I can help to provide key insights and a second opinion on what could be improved

If you are interested in working with me and getting some consultation just send me your email in a private message and we can work together more efficiently via email. 

If you have any questions, I'm open to being fully transparent. I'm really just looking for some positive reviews for my app.


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Hey @Brianna78 


Congrats on the store! You're doing an awesome job! I LOVE the look and feel of the store you seriously did a great job! 

So some things you could do to improve conversion:

1: Make is easier for people to transact: Add some items to the homepage where people can checkout without having to navigate to other pages.

2: Keep pushing your product online via social or ads: Often times it takes HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of visitors for you to make your first sale. While I primarily focus on Shopify dev/design my personal store took a while to convert and this is totally normal!

3: Keep doing what you do girl! Don't give up you will get your first sale!


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