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I have a number of questions I was hoping to have answered in relation to cookies.

1. Can some one tell me anything about this cookie, car_ver? I have not been able to find anything about it and what it is used for?

2. Is it possible to edit the lifespan for a cookie. 20 years for secure_customer_sig seems a little extreme to me,

3. Is there an update on when the Shopify checkout core code will be compliant with the upcoming EU ePrivacy Regulation with regard to cookie consent? Will you have a cookie consent feature that will allow merchants allow their customers give or refuse consent prior to cookies being used (or at least more clarity on strictly necessary cookies versus performance, targeting, etc.) ?

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Hey @David154 

Some great questions there. Currently your best bet is this app which is "made in Germany".

Marco Pusceddu is the app dev and can chat with you about that. Germans and the German Law (DSGVO) are the most strict about these issues as you can Imagine...


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