Correct use of H1, H2 and H3 tags on shopping site


Hi gang,

I'm working on my onsite SEO and i'm worried about keyword stuffing and my heading tags usage.

Here's the page i'm referring to:

Please can you help me out? Any feedback is appreciated!

Thanks in advance!




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Hi there,

Are you familiar with an HTML Outliner?

This is a tool which shows you the hierarchy of your headings and how they nest.  This can be useful in quickly figuring out how your page content/headings are organised.  Do they follow a hierarchical flow?  These tools usually consider sectioning elements as well.  I would suggest running one of your pages through an outliner to see how things look.

Regarding keywords in general, I would recommend that you try Word Clouds SEO app for Shopify.  It's free with limited daily usage, and it's inexpensive for unlimited usage.  Word Clouds SEO app lets you view the keywords of your page with a Word Cloud, where the most commonly used words appear biggest, which lets you easily see at a glance what your main keywords are.  You can see a full list of unique words used, including their density.  Even better, you can compare your page with your competitors, to see what keyword density they have and also to discover new keywords they're using, that you are missing.  The app is all about density, so it doesn't specifically take into account your H1 - H6 tags, but it's useful to you, if you're looking into getting your keywords right in general.

App Store listing:

I hope this helps




EDIT: I forgot to add that when I took a peek at your source code to look at your heading tags, I did notice that you have a duplicate <h2> tag, because if your "show more" feature.  I'm not sure if this is likely to have much impact on your listings, but something to consider.