Country doesn't exist in shipping

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How is this still an issue? how has it taken so long to get such a basic feature for the UK?

This would be like Shopify saying Hawaii does not exist as a shipping destination, you have to just use the same rates as you use to California and charge the customer half the price of the actual shipping cost!

Come on Shopify, we pay a monthly subscription for a reason, 5 years to add Northern Ireland as a country, it's really not good enough!


Please fix this ASAP and stop telling your customers they need to pay more money each month for an app to fix an issue you can't be bothered to fix!

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Is there any update on this one?

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Another call for this quite frankly basic feature to be added to Shopify.


Currently we can't do anything to stop or flag orders being created to send to Northern Ireland so I would have to either swallow the (double) cost of delivery, or get in touch with the customer after they have purchased with standard UK delivery charges to break it to them that they will need to pay more for postage. Either is pretty far from ideal!

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6 years later and this issue still hasn't been resolved. We are based in Ireland and shipping to northern Ireland is the same price as southern Ireland. Shipping from Ireland to UK is more expensive so it's effecting our customers in the north. Any idea when this will be resolved?

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No reply to this issue?