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Hey Guys, 

I would like to design a simple website with online courses which you have to pay for. Similar to

Have couple questions reagridng Shopify and possibility of doing it here:

1. Is it better to design it here or through wordpress?

2. Can I create it in diffrent languages ?

3. Is it possible to just create basic website where I can test what people would like to watch first (no content) and bring them to the payment part and then indentify who was really willing to pay for it ?

4. How difficult and time consuming it is ?

5. How should I start ?

Thank you for any type of help. 






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Hi Mateo,

To answer your questions best I can:

1. I suggest WordPress. Not sure if Shopify can even do all the things you want. 

2. Sure you can.

3. Sure you can.

4. From your post I'm guessing you've never done this before. To learn the basics of WordPress, OptimizePress and then all the custom design and coding you need, who knows how long this will take. I'd hire a developer if I were you. 

5. Google and YouTube, find information on starting a course, promoting it, building relations with affiliates, building a tribe of people who would want to buy your course and more. is also good for starting a business. 


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