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I'm trying to create a discount code that can only be used by first time customers. We are setting up a digital ad that points to a landing page for new customers to try 1 oz of our product for free. When going in to set up the discount code, I see that I can limit to a customer group, and that there is one called "new" customers, however this looks like people who have subscribed or entered an email address somewhere on my site but haven't placed an order yet. Does this "new" customer group also allow new customers that have not yet shared any information to use this discount code, or will it limit it to only customers listed specifically in this "new" customer group, preventing truly new customers from using the discount? Thanks for your help! 

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Hi @jesboyd86, I'm Neomi from app,


We specialized in gift cards, loyalty, and store credit solutions.
We have a solution for you,

One of our pre-made loyalty workflows is "first purchase reward" - with this workflow a customer will be rewarded with store credit to use on his next purchase based on a fixed amount or a percentage of the total cart value. 

You can also add an expiry date to the reward so your customers will feel the urge to use their left store credit.


You can read more about this workflow in this help center article


Check out our listing page, and feel free to contact me at



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@jesboyd86 did you find a solution for this? I have the same problem!