Create sub collection pages

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I'm trying to use collection list pages, but I feel like I'm missing something. I'm using Symmetry theme and am following the tutorial on Shopify

For example, I only want to pull specific collections on the page as we have hidden wholesale collections and we have categories that have more than just a keyword in the title that will pull them to the collections page. Ex. Clean Living is the page title but collections would include clean beauty, clean home, etc. Is there a way to create multiple templates (is that the right word?) to show up on the customize theme pages (symmetry comes with this capability but if I select the specific collections I want on the page it applies to every collection no matter what)? 

I talked to shopify support and symmetry support they both told me to check with the other and shopify told me I was missing a step but couldn't tell me what it was since they weren't developers? Any ideas or work arounds? This theme isn't live yet but we're working on replacing an old theme.