Creating Multi-Vendor Marketplace on Shopify

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I am trying to figure out the best option to turn my store into a multi-vendor marketplace. (ex eBay, amazon, etsy) I sell toys and collectibles and have a lot of vendors I work with, so I am wanting to build a marketplace to solidify all of them. I have seen some messages on here from a few years ago. I am trying to see if anyone has any updated answers. Id like to hear some feedback or see some actual sites used with the programs. I want to know all the apps I would need to purchase as from what I have seen there is no all in one system. Id also like to know if there is a way to do a marketplace and have something more like Amazon product pages than eBay style. Any help or suggestions would be great. 


Last thing is I have a web guy but not sure his level to build this will be up to par, so I would also like some suggestions to get it built out correctly. I don't want to waste money especially with everything going on.