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Hello - I'm looking for an app that can integrate custom quote creation into our site that we are still in Test Mode.  We have items ranging from $50 up to $15,000 and some customers will need to get these orders approved through their managers which requires them to have to print out formal estimates/quotes/proposals so they can review these at their meetings.

I'm looking for something that is more formal than just the shopping cart printout and can be sent via email.  I don't need the option of providing the customer with the option of requesting a quote online. 

Can anyone help me with this?


Hi Craig,

Our agency can help you with this.
We can create a private app that will let customers save the items that have been chosen, look through them from the customer account's page, add or remove products from the list and print out these products accourding to the template you define for the store. A feature can also be added to print out invoices so that your customers could pay for these items if needed.
Email us at if you would like to discuss this project.

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Thank you Arthur.  It looks like Quick Quote is able to do exactly what we need as part of their Premium package.

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Simple PO is exactly what you are looking for (in my opinion anyways!)

Simple PO allows you to create a professional looking Purchase Order for your customer and will pull in all their details from their order.

There's a 7 day free trial so give it a go today, any other questions please don't hesitate to ask.