Creating a single product page to sell a physical product and a digital product together?

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Hi all,

I sell magic springs (like a super durable slinky, but there's a million different tricks you can learn to do with it), with a video course (currently hosted on Thinkific) that teaches you how to use them. 

However, these are currently separate products and pages on my Shopify store, and most people are simply buying the magic spring without the video course. I am worried they are not seeing the benefit of buying them together. 

I have an app (Vitals) that encourages you to buy them together in a bundle when you look at either product page, but this isn't enough.

I want to create a single product page where I can sell both of them together. I could mark it as a physical product. But then I'd have to manually give access to the course on Thinkific to each person who buys it.

Is there some way I could automate this process? I don't want to make the course available as a download, to avoid people pirating it. 

Or some way I could just create a single product page that automatically adds both items to the cart when you add that bundle-product to the cart?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!