Creating collections from products with multiple product tags - is this even possible?

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Hi there, I'm brand new to Shopify, and despite being reasonably web saavy, I'm really struggling to make my shop look the way I want it to. I appreciate any help you can offer!


  • I've been using Brooklyn and Supply for testing and development.
  • I have about 150 products, and a total of about 450 variants. Variants include themes such as Plants, Animals, Nature, Symbols, etc.
  • Each product might fit within multiple tags. For example, a frog could fit within both Nature and Animals. Because Owls are often associated with wisdom, an Owl might be tagged with Animals, Nature, & Symbols.
  • I would like to be able to create and display collections corresponding to each of the tags. For example, I'd like to have a collection of Animals that contained both the frog and owl. A collection of Symbols might contain an owl, a yin-yang, an Om symbol, etc. (yes, you're right if you sense a bit of a hippie theme here!)
  • I thought this would be simple: add multiple tags to each product, then create collections based on these tags. That hasn't been the case!

My main requirement is that I find a way to allow shoppers to intuitively sort through my offerings and find what they are looking for. I'm open to changing themes, tinkering with code, changing my approach from using collections, etc.


Thanks in advance!

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I believe you're moving in the right direction. Supply actually allows filtering your collections on multiple criteria (explained here, click on Product tips).

This kind of filtering is only available in Supply theme (if you're looking at free themes), but can be added to any theme by editing the code, many paid themes  include similar functionality too.

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