Custom Freight Quote

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I am trying to set up a shipping option for our larger products.  Let say there is a product that has a weight of 5000, our standard freight calculations for FedEx, UPS and USPS wont apply since this would have to ship via truck. 

I'm trying to set up something so if an order that is 5000 pound gets put in a cart and goes to checkout, a freight option will pop up that will show freight at $0 but will have text stating "We will work on a freight quote and get back to you with shipping options". 

I have tried setting up a custom rate for $0 that is based on 5,000 pound weight but it does not show up at check out.  I can always have the product set up with "this is a physical product" un-ticked but than the customer thinks that shipping is free when it is not. 

Any ides?  Thank, Eric Christian.