Custom Product Options Code

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Dear All

I want to make custom code OR want to build APP for shopify store where I want to allow extra product feature with additional prices. 

For example I am selling one main product as pizza with addition toppings add-ons with extra prices. 

  1. Pizza ( main product )  = 20$
  2. Cheese                         = +5$
  3. Mushrooms, onions     = +5$ 
  4. Pineapple, spinach,      = +5$

Product add-ons can be selected by checkbox and final product price should get change based on add-ons selection.


I searched almost all places, but all i am getting is third party APP suggestions.

Those apps are great but I don't have option to use third party apps from shopify store owner. 

My options are  : 

  • Either i want to customize code for product page for my own store OR
  • I want to build custom app to make custom product option where I can make product add-ons with extra prices 

Can anyone please guide me for this requirements?? What and how to do this with sample code tutorial for reference.