Custom domain does not persist in checkout via Shopify 'Buy Buttons' [Sales Channel]

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As the title suggests, when checking out via a Shopify Sales Channel Buy Button, the site's custom domain does not persist in the URL bar.


Example 1 (Control):

  1. Navigate to (custom domain)
  2. Add any product to basket and proceed to checkout
  3. Note the URL persists as



Example 2 (Case study):

  1. Navigate to (external test site)
  2. Click the BUY NOW button (straight to checkout)
  3. Note the URL has defaulted to the generic domain



Shopify 'Buy Buttons' are a great feature but I'm afraid my customers will be confused/put off by strange and unfamiliar URLs during the this user journey - especially entering sensitive payment information.


I've already raised a ticket with Shopify support however there is no current work around.


I believe this is to do with the following line of code within the button:




Updating this string to the site's custom URL fundamentally breaks the button, and it is my understanding that this line is integral to the code.


Is there a way to fix this, or can this feature request be added to the next update?



Mr. J