Custom fields for products (not for public)

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I have been tasked with adding a custom tracking profile to each product added to the store, so that we can follow the life cycle of new products based on an Invoice number of how the were received into the store.

For Example:
Invoice from Company XYZ - ID: 001
- Item 1 - ID: 00a1
- Item 2 - ID: 00a2
- Item 3 - ID: 00a3

I need to store in the product:
InvoiceID: 001
InvoiceItemID: 00a1

So that when it is purchased, I can track the item from a specific Invoice all the way through to the point of sale.  And I will be doing so through REST API access.

I have read that I need to use the Metafield Editor, but I cannot find that where it tells me that it is supposed to be (Settings -> Metafield Editor)


Does anyone have the info on how to access this editor?  Or if it does not exist anymore - how I can accomplish this task?



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Hello @Wasaabi 
To edit metafields you'll either need to use the REST API directly or use an app. There are several Metafield apps in the app store, many are free.

If you want to automate this, perhaps using something like Integromat or Zapier as they both offer automated workflows and shopify API connections.

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Hi @Wasaabi,

Though I'm not 100% sure I understand what you're trying to accomplish, nevertheless Metafields Editor is an app, which you can install on your store and access directly through the Apps menu link. You will be able to create and update fields for each product (collection, customer, order, etc) from there. 


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@ImmersiveEC I did not see in the REST API docs where I could create meta fields using that method.  

Just to clarify - If I use the REST API to create or update products, I can add and modify the Meta fields and values ad-hoc?  Because if this is the case - then it answers my question perfectly!



@Wasaabi You bet. Here's the endpoints for all Shopify objects that have metafield values, along with descriptions on the API calls:

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Keep it easy and download a metafields app.

youll be able to create custom fields for public and/or private.

you can the use to display the public custom fields on the product pages.