Custom rewards create a Customer tag, can i automaticly add an order line based on tags?

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Hi Dear Shopify and experts.

I'm setting up a referral and rewards system for my customers.
Its tier based.
I would like to give a free product to a certain type of customer tier.
But in a short time I will be working with a fulfillment service, so to add extra products inside an order I need to have an order line created. There is no possibility for me to this manually before the order arrives in the fulfillment service.
Does anybody of you know a good solution for this?
I was thinking of an app, that gives me the possibility to automatically add products to orders depending on Customer tags. Maybe this type of solution is not a good one, maybe you have a better way of doing this.

I also have a second question, is it possible to add a product in my Shopify products that cannot be seen or bought, but that I can add to an order with tags or discount codes?
This is because I would like to make some product members only. 

Thanks for your valuable info

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Hi, @Esteball

Yes, that's possible, you need to add a tag to your customers like "gold member" then create a free product with a tag like "gold member",
then you can hide products on your store that has "gold member" tag, on the cart page the free product can be added automatically by pressing checkout with JavaScript.

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Hi all - I came across this thread and wanted to ask a question on this idea.

Is there a solution where we would be able to use tags to add an additional product to the customers order when they next order? So for example, 


- We tag a customer account with 'VIP'

- When the customer next orders, the tag indicates a free product should be added to the product and is added to the order made.


While we do not see any solutions like this and feel that a custom app would be required, it would be great to hear if a solution like this is possible. It's also worth me noting the client is on Shopify Plus.