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Hello everyone,


I am building a custom storefront in angular with some custom logic that can't be build using existing Shopify structure and Liquid based themes. My custom storefront uses the available GraphQL Storefront API.

All the product management will still be done through Shopify's admin panel. I would also like to keep the checkout process that Shopify has and not build it separately.

1. Is there any way to fully replace the default Liquid based online store with my custom storefront implementation? If yes, how can I do it? Basically what I want is my primary domain ( to host my custom storefront and the Shopify-managed domain ( to host the checkout process.


2. Is there any way to go back to the primary domain from the checkout thank you page once a checkout is complete?


3. Is there any way to access and modify all email templates sent from Shopify to the customers so that they will always contain the URL of the primary domain for things like resetting user password, etc.?


Any answer/help would be much appreciated.

Andrei S

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