Customer Notification on Refunds

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We used to be able to give a reason to the customer as to why a refund was being issued, and when the customer got the notification that they received a refund, they also received, in the same notification, the reason.  Shopify took away that ability over a year ago for some stupid reason.  Now, the customer only gets an email notification that a refund was issued but if we want to tell the customer why we gave them a refund, we have to send a 2nd email, outside the confines of our Shopify login.  In other words, we have to copy the customer's email address, go to our email program, paste the email address, and then send a email about the refund.  Yes, we can click the customer's email and type the reason there and hit send, but this is still an additional step that is not necessary. Sometimes customers are expecting a refund and don't need a notification telling them why, but many times we need to inform them why they got one.


Over a year ago a Shopify Guru told me that this was going to be fixed.  It never was.  It literally makes ZERO sense why this feature was removed.  We still have the dialogue box that let's us put a reason for the refund, but for some stupid reason, it's only for the shop owner's eyes.  Shopify, can you PLEASE put this feature back like it was?