Customer Record/Account Management

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Store Owners, I'm challenging you to download a CSV file of your customer database TODAY and sort by customer name.  After using Shopify for two years, I had NO IDEA what a mess my customer database was until this week.  Let me tell's a disaster.  We have hundreds of duplicate customer entries.  Some of my customers have 3-5 "duplicate" accounts simply because they mis-typed their email address when placing an order.

1)  Shopify's implementation of customer records is flawed and creates an inordinate amount of duplicate customer accounts.

2)  There is currently NO WAY to fix a dupicate customer record.  Not within Shopify Admin.  Not with a 3rd party application.  If you have duplicate records, you're stuck with them forever, or until Shopify fixes this...which probably means "forever" since this has been a known issue for several years and Shopify hasn't done anything to fix it.

3)  Unless we all start bombarding Shopify with requests to get this fixed, it will never get fixed.  Unfortunately, there are probably thousands of store owners that aren't aware that their customer list is a mess.  If you ever plan to use your customer list to send out marketing emails or if you'd like to install an app to set up a loyalty program...or if you simply don't want to have a disaster of a customer list, PLEASE contact shopify and also reply to this thread asking for a solution.  Don't wait until you're in a situation like me...where I can't do effective email marketing or implement a rewards program...or do ANYTHING that relies on my customer data.  The longer you wait, the bigger the problem will be.

Take the challenge!  Look at your customer list today!  There is a reason that Shopify does NOT allow you to sort your cusotmer list in Admin by last name or by email address.  If you did, you'd be SHOCKED.  Export to csv.  Open the file.  Sort by last name.  Scratch your head along with the rest of us...Thanks!

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Hi @Tony39 


If you're concerned with duplication of customer data, feel free to drop me a line as we may be able to help you with our platform. I see what you described the WHOLE time. I just don't really understand how much merchants care about it. The ones that do tend to care more about the accuracy and personalised nature of their marketing. The ones that don't tend to do less email marketing and treat their business as a volume game - the more "customers" I have, the better because it looks better to would-be investors etc. etc. Even if it wildly distorts numbers like frequency of purchase, repeat rate, customer lifetime value, cost per acquisition and so on. 

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Hi! I would love a solution to duplicate customers. It's a problem I noticed early on with customer's typing their information differently every time but now with the POS system the problem has increased, since many customer purchase both online and in person; but the POS system enters a new customer account every time unless you select a customer beforehand. Any known solutions? Thanks in advance. 

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Hi Carolina 


I've spoken to a number of companies over the years and it's a common issue. Anyway, we decided to build something that provides a solution. If you're interested in finding out more, feel free to drop me a line and we can see if we can help! What POS system do you use? ShopifyPOS?