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Hello all, just wondering if any of you have been having a hard time getting reviews from customers. I usually email customers a day after they receive shipment to find out if they have any concerns with their orders and to request a review on our facebook page but I have yet to hear back. I also have the review app on shopify which automatically sends a review request 14 days after purchase and 7 days after that as a reminder. so far i have only received one review. Any thoughts?

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Hello Maritza, 

Sometimes, it may be that the review request is going too early or too late. It's usually a good idea to tweak when the request is sent until you get an optimum one. 

Posting existing reviews or positive posts from your social channels is also a good way to start out. Kudobuzz allows you to connect your social accounts for this. Do check it out.

I wish you the best! 

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Hey Maritza,

Tomas from the Shopify Guru team here!

I would suggest requesting the review directly from the customers a few days after their purchase, give them time to try it out and really love it!

Another thing to consider is that often people get so many emails, you want yours to pop out and get read! Review the email you send your customers, can you make it more grabbing? Use it to make them laugh a bit or feel engaged and they will probably take the time to leave you a review!

I hope you find this helpful,

Tomas W

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Hi Maritza_Jeri,


If you're interested in automating this process, check out ReviewNudge.


All you have to do is
1) Set the number of days to wait before sending out the email

2) Set if you want to send the email after order delivery or order fulfillment


Hopefully using an automated app like ReviewNudge can help you find the optimal time to send out the email and drive more reviews for your products.


Let me know if you have any questions!



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is there a way to do this without using Reviewnudge?

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Hi @Maritza_Jeri 

There are seven proactive methods to generate more and more online reviews for your shops.

1. Make It Easy

2. Ask your customers

3. Incentivize

4. Set up the discount

5. Make the incentive explicit

6. Easy-to-apply discounts

7. Custom email subject and body

For details, you should read this article: Shopify customer review: The ultimate guide

Hope it helps!

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