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Hi everyone!


I'm in the midst of *attempting* to migrate my Etsy store to Shopify, but I can't seem to find a customer helpdesk setting or app which is similar to Etsy's chat function.


Etsy's mobile chat function allows me to see a customer's order detail and message threads I have with that customer if more than one, I also can send pre-set messages, send pictures via camera or camera library, send existing listings or create new ones, send discount codes.

Some background for context: I run a custom diorama store (I'm not sure if i'll be violating Shopify's TOS if i posted the etsy store link here). I interact with customers quite a bit before they purchase anything, many of the options on my store require customers to contact me before placing their order (for example to check if I'm able to get a figurine they want that's not available in my store, etc etc). 


Ok so here are my requirements:

  • Via my phone or mobile app for me: Must be able to chat with, send images, send coupons, send product links to site visitors.
    --> Unfortunately this rules out Shopify Ping for me because there's no send image option T.T otherwise it would be almost perfect.


  • Via my phone or mobile app for me: Must be able to contact customers from the order list, the contact function needs to have the ability to send images as it is my shop's policy to send all my customers a picture of their completed diorama when I pack it for shipping.

    X -->this rules out Gorgias as their mobile app only has the chat list, it's super important for the mobile app to be complete as my phone is my camera.
    X -->this rules out Reamaze as there's no view all current order kind of tab 
    X -->Shopify's native contact customer from order list form does this in a form of a pop up mail form where I then have to go to my camera app take a picture, then go back to the mail form, insert a picture, upload the picture. It is a little clunky, and while it doesn't sound like much... packing 30 orders that way can be really quite tedious. Currently on Etsy, all I have to do is tap on the camera icon, select either 'take photo' or 'choose from library'.

I've ruled out Facebook messenger as the 'chat now' icon opens a new window instead of a sub frame within the website, I gotta keep people on the site, not direct them out of it (also, not everyone has FB so that's not really a good choice imo, plus it doesn't seem to have the order info etc of customer i'm chatting with).


As much as I love Etsy's simplicity, and even though they charge me SO MUCH, the current mandatory opt-in advertising really doesn't cut it for me. As it is I don't do any paid advertising on my own, just simple posts on my instagram account where I've built up my follower base.


There are some months where I'm already overwhelmed (one woman show here) and would prefer to not have advertising. I want to be able to maintain quality so there's only a certain number of orders I can accept.


Does anyone know of an app (ideally doesn't cost more than 60usd a month) or a setting I'm missing which can help me solve my mobile CRM woes? 

I'll be eternally grateful!


Thank you!


- Jo


PS. sorry for the wordy post

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I'm looking for something similar! I need customers to be able to send images to me, and I need to reply with images. Not everyone has Facebook or a huge budget.