Customer add to cart to select product

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Hi All,

I am opening a subscription service and would like the customers to choose 3 out of 5 products listed for them for each month and then we can ship them those 3 products to each Customer.

Its extremely important for us to understand how we can do it as its the heart of our business so really really appreciate all the help I can get, and would be great if someone can suggest a way we can do this without any extra cost for an app

The way we like to do it is,

     Upload 5 products onto the store -

-> Only the subscribed/payed Customers will then login and see the products -

-> Add the specific 3 out of 5 products to their cart -

-> At 5PM on a particular day we will download the products and refresh the carts for those users-

-> Ship products the customer added to their cart

Queries -

1. How can we add products only visible to payed members of the service

2. How can they only Add to Cart and not proceed actually Checkout (as its subscription service they have already been billed for it)

3. How can we download the customers and the products each have added to their cart, basically Customer to product mapping

4. Lastly a bit unrelated, we are using BOLD subscription, does bold automatically tags customers that they are payed customers?