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I sell B2B.  I am an existing business.  Most of my customers use a PO# and not a credit card.  This is something Shopify does not seem to be very good at.  When selecting credit card at payment there is an automatic drop down to enter payment info -totally normal.   Because I want to offer (existing) customers the option to use a PO I have to select a manual payment method.  I did that and called it "Purchase Order" **However there is not an option for a drop down to then enter the actual PO#.   

Who can help with this- PLEASE???




you won't be able to do this in the checkout however you can do this in the cart 


Simply rename the cart note Purchase order details or similar.


We have produced more advanced B2B solutions but this should do the trick for you.


If you only want to show this to customers with accounts  then you could locate the code in the cart template and wrap in 


{% if customer %}

 > code for cart note goes here 

{% endif %}

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