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Hey guys,

We recently faced with the further issue:

We have a thank you page upsell with the discount. So basically we offer 24% off for the next 30 minutes for all items.

But what we did not foresee is that some users make the new order with the same items they have just purchased, but now with the discount. And they ask to cancel the initial order without a discount.

I'm wondering if anybody faced the same issue and what solution did you come up with to fix it.

We think about adding the disclaimer on the upsell widget saying - This offer does not apply to the items you have just purchased, such orders will be cancelled.

But I wonder if we can legally do that? Is there any rule or law that can forbid us to do this?

I suppose no as long as we make the message above clear on the widget, or maybe even adding this to our Terms of Use.

But what is your take on this?

Thank you

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Hi @VVC 

Thank you for sharing this concern with our Community Forums, I can definitely see the issue you are having and it's a tricky one to get resolved. 

I agree that you definitely need some T&Cs for the discount to be eligible and the hard part is to ensure that the communication of the restrictions is clear and not intimidating to customers who are not looking to abuse or misuse the discount eligibility. What I would recommend is to have a statement that lets the customer know there are requirements to be eligible (most honest customers can make a second order without needing to review the eligibility) and it could look something like this: "Eligibility criteria and Terms and Conditions apply. Please review eligibility information here." 

This would lead them to a T&C page where you detail the requirements for the discount code and that the original non-discounted order needs to be paid for in full. Something like this: If at any time you choose to return the items or cancel the original order you will also be required to pay for the discounted items in full. 

Something else I would also recommend you keep in mind is that when these orders come through and if someone is trying to game the system, I would ask that you consider the impact this has to your business vs the positive customer experience. Is it fair that they get to misuse the discount code, no it isn't. Sometimes allowing them to do so creates a better customer experience in the long run vs the potential for negative feedback if you enforce the T&Cs for the discount code.

This is just my perspective on the situation and I hope that my insight will help you tackle this problem!


Shay | Support Advisor @ Shopify 
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