Customized Items Requiring Proof Approval

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I'm looking for a way to provide Proof Approval for customers.  Even if that solution is outside of Shopify.  I need the ability for the customer to log into a site, see the work flow, make comments, approve the item to be manufactured and send updates to the customer.  

I get an order from the customer that contains instructions.

I create a 3D image of the item based on the instructions

I post the proof for review - this causes a email notice to be sent to the customer

The customer reviews, makes comments, ask for changes, etc.. or approve (The customer needs to be able to review in 3D view mode also.

Any suggestions


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We can help you out with this, Obviously wouldn't be able to use Shopify but a custom build won't be an issue. 

Email me at

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Hi Barry,


if you're still looking for a solution to this, we've just released a Shopify app that handles the entire proof approval / management process from within your Shopify admin backend:


Please let me know if you have any questions!