Customized products create a PDF file for me to print.

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Working on business development for a Shopify store.  I will be selling custom printing jobs where the user will select a template and edit it with text, pictures, etc. online, in the store.  When the customer approves the design and purchases the print I assume i will get a PDF attached to the order that I will then take offline and send to a printer. 


If anyone has a similar order process can they confirm if I request an email order notification will it include the PDF attachment or just a generic notice?  I am not familiar enough with Shopify yet to know. 





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Highly doubt you will get the PDF attachment, unless the custom app you intend to use supports this. That sort of functionality needs to be extended through a custom, private or public app. Also checking Shopify Admin > Settings > Notifications > I don't see any option for attachments in the email sent to staff for new orders. The easiest thing would be to have a link on your order screen that can link to the PDF. From there you can print and complete the order. I would first explore some product customizing apps, if none of those fit or give you what you want then explore custom app development it can pay off in the long run since it's made just for your shop.


A very quick search brought me to Inkybay:


They have a back-end which allows you to download PDFs. So I expect most apps in this category have provided some download for staff to preview the design.





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