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I have done much research into Shopify and am ready to make the jump but one thing is holding me back.  Discounts!  We are a museum and use discounts frequently and need an intuitive way to apply them.  Shopify is lacking in this regard which is disappointing when discounts are such a basic part of any retail operation.  I'll explain below, but my main question is will this ever be addressed seriously by Shopify or will it always require paying an additional app fee?  Is it on the radar as something that will be addressed or should I assume with the new POS rollout that didn't address this at all that it isn't a feature that will be upgraded by Shopify?


My store gives member 10% discounts to entire order, volunteer 20% to entire order except one category, special seasonal sale discounts that apply to all but one category, and so on.  Shopify allows some discounts (like rule discounts) online that it doesn't allow at the POS in-store.   That limits some of what can be done in-store.   Also, Shopify POS doesn't give the option of selecting a set discount code and applying it the entire order and then going back and changing items discounts line by line to make a correction when there are twenty items and only one from a category that shouldn't be discounted.  It doesn't give the option of limiting a discount to a category in the back office Inventory which would be one to simplify this.   It doesn't give the option  of applying the set CODE line by so that one particular item can be charged at full price or at a different discount amount.  The only way is go line by line taking the multiple additional steps to type in a discount amount and type in a description.  That is time consuming and allows for much human error.  It also doesn't have the same reportability as set CODE discounts.  We have a lot of staff and volunteers that are over fifty so this is not functional for us.  I would love to know if this is on the radar at Shopify?  I want to switch over right now but I can't do so if the discounts aren't something I know may be addressed for functionality in the future.  I can't see spending the $89/month and then adding an additional cost for an app for something basic.  Love to hear any thoughts or feedback!