DIY vs. Hire and Prohibited Items

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Hello Folks,

Shopify virgin here looking to take the plunge. My current site,, needs a redesign, and I'm going to try and do it myself. However, I may not have the skills to do everything I want to do. Question, if I start to make a site myself, how hard is it to hire someone to help me later? Is it like remodeling your house? Will they want to start over because I've made a huge mess? Or, is it easy to pick up where a novice left off and build on that? 

I suppose my question is, if I anticipate needing to hire help, should I even bother to try myself first?

ALSO, and this maybe should have been my first question. For folks that sell "risky" items, do you think Shopify is fair in their prohibited items policies? My reason for asking is because Etsy stopped allowing the sale of an item I sell (Persian/Iranian rugs) because the US pulled out of the Iran deal. Obviously, you can't import rugs, and I have no problem with that because, duh, I don't want to break the law. But Etsy went a step further and banished all types of these products, including antique ones and ones that were legally imported before the ban, so it came quite as a shock. At any rate, I don't want to put a ton of work into a site to then have the rug (pun intended!) pulled out from under me.  

Would love to know your thoughts!