DMCA against Affiliate Products

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My site is part of the Amazon Affiliate program and operates under the Amazon Operating Agreement. I import products using the Amazon API to my storefront with outbound links to the product on Amazon. Products are synced every 24 hours for price/availability etc. This is all per Amazon's Operating agreement. My site has been verified by Amazon and has been operating in this fashion for almost a year without issue.

Suddenly I have been bombarded with DMCA takedown notices from Shopify for products on my site. These products only come through the Amazon API, are not for sale on my site, there is a clear disclosure as required per Amazon, and I am authorized to use this content as any other Amazon Affiliate is.


The issue is, I cannot stop the DMCAs and Shopify is threatening to close my site. The DMCAs are filed by vendors of some of the products I have on my site. I have a right to use this content and I'm not violating their copyright. They are part of the same Amazon Operating agreement which allows affiliates to use their products for promotion.


I don't know what to do because Shopify is pretty aggressive with the DMCA situation. They don't seem to be able to objectively look at my site. I have offered proof of my registration with Amazon, my Affiliate Account, screenshots, Amazon/AWS API information to prove that I'm not infringing on the sellers copyright by have this information on my site. If it's okay for Amazon why does Shopify have an issue. How can I get around this before my site is closed altogether?