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Hi everyone, having a few issues here.

www.verailiberta.com was redirecting to www.vera-liberta.myshopify.com

I want my store to be www.veraliberta.com and then if someone clicks on collections it would look like www.veraliberta.com/collections

I have been to the DNS page numerous times to make www.veraliberta.com my primary domain but it keeps saying 'failed'. I have had live chat with hostgator about five times now and they can't fix the issue. They have now just created a masking forward where my site will always look like www.veraliberta.com (regardless of the page you are on) however, when you click on collections/dresses etc i want it to look like www.veraliberta.com/collections/dresses

If you go to this site www.navahscloset.com, i notice this is how it's set up and I want mine to do this also. I figured hostgator should be able to change it but after having instant chat with a few of them I am back to square one

anyone please tell me how to fix this?

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This is wrong:

www.verailiberta.com was redirecting to www.vera-liberta.myshopify.com

You should have set up a CNAME record for www that points to the shopify store then you redirect the non www version of your domain name to the new CNAME record with the www prefix.

They have now just created a masking forward

This will break your checkout and as you have already noticed no one can bookmark or like anything on your site like this. I am not familiar with hostgator but they (or you) need to follow the instructions in the wiki.

Hostgator thread on setting this up:


Shopify wiki on setting this up: http://wiki.shopify.com/DNS

Hope that helps some!

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How to check how DNS is working to our website when I click this link ISO certification in Bahrain instead of www.certivatic.com and hyper protocol can explain anyone, please.