Deactivate Order Confirmation

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It's disgusting that this hasn't been addressed yet, the are lots of ESPs that offer great email facilities but we still can't turn Shopify's off.

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I get the feeling Shopify isn't even paying attention to this thread. We are implementing OmniSend and would prefer to just shut off Shopify's ugly customer emails and create our own in OmniSend. For now we have replaced Shopify's Order Confirmation with the suggested 'Thank You' but man, preventing that extra, completely necessary email would be awesome.


I flipped through like 10 pages of requests on this thread...then skipped to the end and noticed Shopify doesn't seem to be replying. It's sad when your platform gives you no voice.

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+1 to the chorus. This would be extremely helpful.

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This is a crucial feature to be able to deactivate order confirmation notifications in Shopify. We have integrated Shopify with a huge ERP system and the ERP system will send out all order confirmation emails to the customers and now they get them twice which is not professional. I also want this to be addressed from Shopify.