Decent Traffic Very Low Conversion Rate

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I have an online jewellery business. Specialising in fashion jewellery / 925 silver and Swarovski. 

Background check - I've been using shopify since around Nov19. I am very active on social media posting daily on my Instagram/Facebook. I am currently in the middle of SEO optimization to help improve any background work that needs doing for my website for example - google ranking / backlinks / keyword analysis etc. I am running Facebook ads daily on £10+ a day. From my social media presence and Facebook ads I am driving decent amount of traffic between - 150-250 people a day. But my conversion rates are very low. No daily sales. According to my google analytics my bounce rate is around 37% which is good and average time a user spends on my website is anything from 2.30-5 mins, which is also ok. I'm struggling to understand what it is I'm doing wrong. Am I still not driving enough people to my website which is why my leads aren't strong. I get adds to basket daily but nothing much after this? I am using a good theme - Parallax - I have a call to action on my homepage, clear and minimal look, lots of clear precise imagery, I recently advertised free shipping (until CVD19) where I've had too increase shipping price, still only at 1.99. I write blogs to help entice customers and create trustworthy company. I have a review section integrated on to every single product page for legitimacy / trust. 

I just don't know what I'm doing wrong or more what I'm not doing? HELP!.

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Some people think that we just need create a website and add some products with basic and common website's visual. But it's not at all, people in real life or online, always convince to do actions by trust. So you need to consider for adding reviews, having product's photos from buyers to gain store's trust and improve social proof. Try to use apps/plugin supports you achieve these thing. Like AliReviews, u can imports reviews without Restrictions, Pop-up Purchases with Pre-Set Data which can show False "pop-up" notification that someone purchased from your store. You can also buy-out Instagram Followers, or buy used Instagram accounts. The only limit is your imagination. 

Those are just a few examples.  And try to find out more problems of your store lead to low sale, running ads but you not focus on store's optimization and store's visual make your money run out of your wallets and not bring any values for yourself. If u can insert link of your store for our having overview about your store's struggle and having intensive feedback.        

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Hi. I love what you're doing online, it's a great strategy.


The issue with conversions may be the lack of retargeting (not sure, because I don't know your website). With high-ticket items like jewelry, most people, even if genuinely interested in purchasing, need to take time, allocate their budget, plan, talk to their spouse, etc. With retargeting on Facebook, you can remind them to come back and finish their purchase. In my experience working with e-commerce brands, retargeting is the #1 thing you can do to up conversions. 


I'd love to answer any questions you have about this. If you'd like, I can send you videos on how to set up a Facebook pixel on your website and retarget your website visitors using Facebook ads.