Default currency confusion

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Hi Everyone


So given that I can't have my store change the display currency based on geolocation (without paying monthly), I have chosen to set my store currency as USD even tho I am UK based, as that is likely where most of my customers will be.


However - when I initially had it set as GBP I had a pop up in the top right corner that allowed me to manually select GBP, USD or EURO.


Now that I've set my store currency to USD the pop up only shows USD and EURO.


What happened to GBP?


This whole currency thing is really confusing.......


Thanks for your thoughts



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Hi~ If you want to display currency based on visitors' geolocations, you may potentially use Geo Redirect tool. 


With the currency selector you are using, when the currency is changed, it adds a parameter to the URL, for example,, or Geo Redirect tool detects your visitors' location by IP and auto directs them to correct URLs based on their physical locations. You can easily set up redirecting rules within a few steps. No code is necessary. Besides, the service offers special package for e-commerce owners. It worth checking out.


Hope it helps!