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I have just started to set up my store. I am going to be using Oberlo to fulfill orders. I noticed in the 'Locations' settings, that is has my personal address as my default location. Underneath that it has my Apps Location as Oberlo.

As I'll be fulfilling all orders via Oberlo, how come I can't seem to have that as the default location? 


I don't hold any inventory at my personal address, so I need this removing, don't I? I really have tried to understand 'Locations' before coming here to ask this, but I just can't figure this particular issue out by myself. Any help appreciated. Thanks!


Edit: I found this: "

Set a product's location to Oberlo

"All new products that you import from Oberlo have the Oberlo option selected in the FULFILLMENT SERVICEsection of the product details. You can manually update products that you imported from Oberlo before the Oberlo location option was available to set their location to Oberlo."


That seems to answer my question, or at least makes me feel better knowing the product will be fulfilled by oberlo by default. However in the product details section on Shopify, I strangely cannot see any 'Fulfillment service section', so I'm kind of going on trust.


Edit: In Shopify, if I click the Products section and then Inventory, there's a list of my products. At the top right of the list is a location symbol. Click that and see which location is set. I was happy to see that Oberlo was set for my products, and when I chose another Location (my home address), no products showed. Sorted!

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