Delete a customer that was linked to a historical order

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I'm trying to delete all my testdata from the admin of my store. There are 2 test users I unfortunately can't delete, because they used to be linked to some previous orders.

I already deleted the orders that the customers where linked to, so the order count for the customers is empty (see screenshot). Still I can't manage to delete those customers, because Shopify keeps telling me that the customers are linked to orders. I already tried the "" app and have also read this article But Excelify doesn't find any data to delete, cause there are no existing orders anymore.  Can somebody help me delete these customers? Thanks a lot!






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Hi @Skinn 

Renars here from Excelify.

If all Orders for that Customer have been actually deleted and you can no longer find them in your Shopify Admin -> Orders, then you should be able to delete that Customer.

Maybe you could try to do delete Customer with Excelify too and see if it works there? | Bulk Import Export Update with Excel | |