Delete all products, due to variant limit reached

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Hi All

I have just found out about this variant limit issue.

I have all my products in a CSV, exported from Shopify.  I want to make changes to the price and upload - trouble is, this apparently means that I exceed the limit for Variant creation (which is crazy as the variants already exist, I am just changing the price....)

So, I thought if I was to delete all products from the store, and then import my CSV with all products / variants back to the store, with right pricing, will I get the 50,000 allowance to this import? 

My products are all associated to collections etc so would assume deleting products will not effect collections?

Hope that makes some sense, just looking to get al products with right pricing, over 700,00 variants, so just to update pricing via an import would take me 700 days with the limit.


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Possibliy yes it might work


But I can tell you after having helped many many custoemrs CSV import is full of bugs


Instead I recommend to do it via the shopify api


I am an api and import expert. I can help you import correctly. Without having to break the limit 50K


shoot me email