Deleted products still appearing in store

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Importing from .csv, took a few tries to get it right.  Deleted products from store in between imports.
After one of the deletes, 3 of the 34 products still showed up in search & collections.  Clicking on them goes to a 404.
Tested this in different browsers, on different systems & with a cleared cache.
When searching for them, they aren't listed in the count of returns.
  "2 Results for Granny Smith", but 3 products are displayed.

They were nowhere in the admin, not in product list, the list of items in a collection or a full export.

I tried a new import, hoping it would merge/replace them, but now those 3 are duplicated in search results on the site.  The newly imported ones works, the old ones still 404.

They do not show up in the 'Feed for Google Shopping' app.
Imported with the Excelify app.
Also using the 'Smart Product Filter & Search' app from Globo.

Any guidance on another way to access these products or your assistance in deleting them from your end would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

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I figured it out.

The 'Smart Product Filter & Search' app caches product data automatically when you change things...  usually.
Had to re-sync data there to clear the affected products.


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Hello @kpowers 

Some search apps like Ultimate Filter & Search, Klevu sync product update in real time, so you don't have to click Re-sync after editing the product data. They have more advanced tools to arrange the product results based on tag, option, brand, collection, stock status (low stock, out of stock). You could duplicate the live theme and try these apps on the unpublished copied themes.