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Hello everyone! I have a quick question in regards to deleting images.

As of now, I am currently trying to free up some space on my laptop. A majority of the used space is mainly a result of the large amount of images I have that are dedicated to my shopify store. I have just recently purchased and transferred all of my images into a portable hard drive. My question is: Now that I have transferred all of my images onto my portable hard drive, if I delete the same images that are on my laptop, will the images on my shopify store disappear/not be present the website? Or will I have to save the images I am using on my shopify store, onto my laptop?

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I think the image on your Shopify store won't be affected when you delete your images on your laptop because they were uploaded and stored on Shopify before.

By the way, I would recommend you have a look at this Shopify tutorial series. They are about issues when doing business on Shopify.

Hope it helps!

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