Deleting Tags from Suggested Tags in the Order Page

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We have a tag called "SHIP HARDWARE NOW" that is used by our shippers to flag orders that need attention. They use a filter on the Orders view that filters for "SHIP HARDWARE NOW", everything worked great. At some point, someone added a slightly different tag: " SHIP HARDWARE NOW". Notice that there is a [space] preceding the word "SHIP". That space prevents orders that are tagged with it from showing up in the Shipper's Order View. It seems there is no way for me to track which orders have been tagged with "[space]SHIP HARDWARE NOW" as the filter is smart enough to filter it out, but not smart enough to filter it in for the sake of tracking the wrong tags.

What i need is either a way to delete "[space]SHIP HARDWARE NOW" from the suggested tags, or at the least a way to include that tag for the Shipper's Filtered Order View. I have attached a screenshot of the proper selected option and how very similar it looks to the wrong option.

Thanks in advance for the help and guidance.