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I'm not sure if it's the same in the US as it is here in the UK, but us poor guys now get charged on package volume (size) aswell as the actual weight. You can see what problem will occur. As i'll be selling products from a wide range (A4 photos to huge banners) i would like to look for something that accomponies both the height and weight, so i can use the exact measurements used by the delivery companies. In an ideal world i'de be able to set certain deliveries for certain collections i have, so they'll only have an option for Insurance and standard. Are there any plans to update the shipping methods to include *size* in the near future? If not then i'll get to work on a very complicated weight-shipping-method :) Happy days!
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You could always post that shipping charges are an estimate and contact them with the correct total.

If you use a merchant account to accept payments, it doesn’t charge the card after checkout, only after your capture the payment. You can adjust the price before you do. Might save the headache of a complicated shipping map.

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Product dimensions are something that you’ll probably see added as we enhance shipping and integration with third party shipping services.

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I would really like to do shipping by product as well. I ship out of several different locations, and just weight doesn’t always work well for me.