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I've given my developer permission for:
Blog posts and pages

So, I'm having 2 problems:
1. Setting up my site map.
2. None of my products are showing up in Categories and Sub Categories.

My Developer says I need to give him FULL ACCESS to my shopify store in order to fix them.

Side note: This is the second developer that has asked me to do this.

I thought I properly gave access to everything developers will need to edit my website.
I'm very hesitant to do this. Should I do this?
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> Setting up my site map.

For that, there's nothing a developer needs to work on. Shopify creates the sitemap automatically. 

> None of my products are showing up in Categories and Sub Categories.

As in your collections are empty? The navigation doesn't show?


You might want to share a little more context so it's clearer on what you're trying to achieve. Or even a link to the shop if that helps.
I could only guess what access they might need at this stage.


Have you asked them _why_ they need full access? If a dev isn't will to give you an answer that would be a red flag for me even if it they really did need it. Being transparent about why certain access is needed is a totally reasonable thing for you to want.

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Hi. Thanks for the reply.
My understanding is that I need a site map on the website for Google's bot crawlers to get better analytics, etc. So, I had a developer set up a site map link in the footer of the website. But the link clicks back to the home page. The dev said they needed full access to fix it.

I went and gave a new developer full access so they can fix these issues. Hopefully, these category issues will be fixed soon.

Still not sure about the site map.

Me trying to fix and get this website up and running feels like going to medical school without actually getting a high school diploma.

Many Thanks for any input you provide.