Did Shopify recently make a big SEO update?

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We've been working on improving our Core Web Vitals in Google Search Console for the last 6 months.  Our search engine "Performance" is improving, but our Coverage has been seeing huge decreases. 

After looking into it, it seems that maybe the Shopify team made a change to the product page URL structure. In the past, there were two product URLs. One that included /collections in the URL and one that did not. 

Internal links for the most part, used the URL with /collections and things like Google Shopping would send direct to the product page with a URL that didn't include collections. It seems that the URL without /collections has now been designated as the Canonical page, so the /collection URLs are no longer being indexed. 

This is great news as far as eliminating duplicate content, but I wonder if the URL with /collections should have been made canonical because it's used in most internal links?

Did shopify make this change? Is it a google change?