Did you know that organic Click-through Rates have seen a 37% decrease from May 2015? How do you plan to generate more revenue?

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According to the Digital Trends in Retail report by Adobe in 2018, Facebook Messenger is one of the ways to generate more revenue. A few months before Messenger opened its platform to app developers, there were 800 million people using Messenger each month!

From the very beginning, Messenger destined automated chats to become an e-commerce tool that could help merchants send receipts or shipping notifications. But there is more to Facebook Messenger Automation than just bots. Facebook messenger has created a shift towards a more ‘Conversational commerce’. It helps merchants start a conversation with potential customers, capture subscribers’ attention with powerful 1-2-1 Messenger Campaigns, prompts users to buy the product in the cart, encourages them to learn more about the product and even go ahead and make a purchase directly from messenger!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Conversion Rates and Open Rates on Facebook Messenger is astonishing, and possibilities with Facebook Messenger Retargeting are endless. Vaios Gkitsas Founder & CEO at Flashchat shares everything you need to know about Facebook Remarketing in 2019. Check it out here